Monday, September 22, 2008

I know, I am really, really good at blogging-one post every year or so. It seems that life has been hectic and often I think I have nothing to say that would interest anyone.
Since my last post we have had a new grandson, Hudsen, in May and he is a cutie patootie. Lots of hair and a drop dead smile. Carsen, his older brother, has entered 1st grade and it is an adjustment-long day and everyday. Bedtime hasn't been an issue-he is ready ! Caitlin ,now 8, was here for the summer. They have moved to Virginia by Washington ,D.C. and are stationed at Quantico. Amanda has been all over Europe and to Thailand since joining The Presidential Helicopter team and is loving it!! They stay in 5 star hotels(because the Pres does) and she is looking forward to seeing the rest of the world with the next President. London has been her favorite even though she did have to purchase $40.00 panty hose there-the weak US dollar and the high cost of everything in London made for an expensive purchase. Her husband, Ken, is an instructor at Officer's Candidate School and an MP.
Caitlin spent the summer horseback riding,swimming,and even took sewing lessons. She also had fun learning to dye yarn at The Yarn Garden in Charlotte. I am making her socks from the yarn she dyed.
Just got back from The Yarn Garden Retreat at the Potowatome Lodge in the Pokegon State Park in Indiana. What a place!! It is less than an hour and a 1/2 from my house and I never knew it was there. We had a great time-Lindsay from TYG organized a great retreat! Chis DeLongpere(spelling?) was our teacher and we learned lots by knitting a frog! Too cute. It must be my month for animals because I just knit Amanda a Hedgehog. She used to own one . It was a hit with all who saw it-never thought I would enjoy knitting stuffed animals or toys but it was fun.
Lots of knitting going on at my house. Slipper socks for Xmas gifts from the Kalamazoo Knits pattern-love doing socks on 2 circs,shawls/scarves including the entrelac "Watercolor Dreams" scarf and the JOJOland Swirl shawl. Today I get the yarn from TYG for a Norah Gaughan sweater-love her designs. Also 3 baby sweaters for Nov/Dec. due dates.
Took 2 classes from Cat Bordi, went to Stitches Midwest(WOW!) and the retreat. Planning on going on Rae's retreat too.
If anyone reads this, please leave a comment so I know if I should keep on blogging.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Well, here it is a week before Christmas and,as is par for the DeLeeuws, Chaos has taken over. I said that this year I would not be knitting presents . Well, I had a small fall down and am knee deep in unfinished presents. I have finished a cabled purse(pattern from Sarah Peasley), 2 Victorian neckwarmers(Pattern on Etsy-love that site-from Jenny Hofer in a PDF-the ultra quick answer to a scarf )Dragon Scarf for Grandson-he loves dinoaurs and dragons-this was a really fun knit!!! Easy but changes enough to keep your interest. Other "presents" on the needle include the Baby Bump sweater from Lousia Hardings Natural Knitting for Moms and Babies. This may not make it to completion before Christmas but my daughter-in-law will understand. The Baby is not due til May so if it is finished in January she will get lots of use out of it.
Daughter and family arrive at the end of the week. :) They will return to South Carolina just to get their house packed up and then move to Quantico, Virginia-the land of inflated rents and house values. On the waiting list for base housing(six month wait) and their SC house not sold they are renting a townhouse for a measly $1600 a month! Plus utilities and their house payment in SC. Apparently SC housing market is as in the toilet as Michigan's is. She will be flying with the President(AT least that is what the Marines say this week) so we hope the move is worth it. Caitlin said she will move this time but after this "You People(her parents) can move but I'm just going to live with Grandma and Papa and go to the school around the corner. I already have friends there." She has it all figured out.
Back to knitting(my mind is really disjointed) the neckwarmers were out of Malibrigo(still my f avorite,the Yarn Garden, the purse is Pastaza by Cascade(Yarn Garden) the dragon is cascade(YG,Hmm,I see a pattern here) and the Baby Bump is out of a superwash from,yes, the YG.
Happy knitting to all and to all -it will be over soon.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

OK-here is my latest list of why I haven't blogged.
1. my mother came to stay while she recovered from knee replacement surgery. I am changing my name as a result-I still hear her bellowing "Pattie" in my dreams. Love her lots really-but love her best when she is with my Dad in Kalamazoo.
2. my son-in-law came to stay to deer hunt(he got an 8 pointer)-at the same time as my Mother-my dishwasher went twice a day-Kitchen is now closed til Christmas.
3. working at Community Ed/Registrar's office more than I planned
4. knitting for Christmas,after I swore I would not put myself in this position again! I am so weak.
But, I have been knitting. Making the Bump sweater for my daughter-in-law as she and my son are expecting #2 in May. It is from Natural knits for Mothers and Babies by Louisa Harding.
Knitting away on the KAL some of us joined with Gwen Bortner who was our teacher at Drummond Isand. By the way, she starts a new KAL in Jan. -something to do with color if you are interested. This KAL is a Kimono Jacket done in strips-one strip per month (unless you come in late like we did,then Catchup is the word) and it has been great fun and a learning experience. Baby socks and sweaters til I got tired of them-all have found homes .
Now I am trying to finish up a purse,sweater(see above),and a dragon scarf(for Grandson) before Dec. 25th. Plus 2 Harlot Hats out of STR.
Took a great class from Amy Singer on the Tuscany Shawl at Threadbear. Lots of fun-she is a hoot. The shawl is going along but I have had to set it aside to Christmas knit.
We also adopted 2 kitties from the Humane Society to fill the hole left by the passing of Spike the Shihszu. They are brothers and doing great. It was buy one get one free day so ...we did.
Dirty Gertie, the German Shorthair, is used to cats so she is cool with them but my daughter and her family are bringing their min-pin,Doberman and sugar glider for Christmas as they are leaving South Carolina and moving to Quantico,Virginia. Both are Marines and my daughter is going to fly with the President on the helicopter!!! She has passed all her security clearances so we have our fingers crossed that it is a go. It's a 4 year commitment-with a by for having to go to Iraq. Yes!!!! They want her husband to be a Drill Instructor for the Officers Candidate School at Quantico but he hopes to avoid that. It is quite intense and he has already done that for 3 years at Parris Island. He just wants to be a MP again. DI also carries a by for Irag but he doesn't want a by. Since they haven't sold their house in SC yet it looks like they will live on base(a 1st for them) in a base house and Caitlin can then go to Base School which is considered one of the best schools around. And they will be closer to us!!!!
Maybe when they are here I will learn how to put pics on this stupid thing so I can show you-I really do knit!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Okay, So this time I have legitimate reasons for not blogging. Not that I am feeling obligated,Kristi!!!
First my computer died-I managed to save my knitting patterns(Thank God) thanks to Bert the computer guy but after trying fix the old harddrive he was forced to start from scratch.
Second, I went to California with Sarah. We had a great time-and a $12.00 Margarita!!!! I hope I get "invited" to a stitches event sometime with her. Hint,Hint! The TKGA was fun and both of us fell completely down in the Vendors Fair. Me especially! We also went to the best Farmer's Market I had ever seen! All Organic and so much we had never seen before. That California growing cycle is something.
Then, I went to Drummond Island with several friends to Rae's Retreat. We had a great time-Gwen Bortner,the teacher, was wonderful and we learned lots. We stopped at Cynthia's in Macinaw City both ways!! Yes, both, and we bought both times. Great little shop jammed full of knitting! Worth the trip if you are in the area.
I did get lots of knitting done-baby items for various showers I will be attending and have given. My neice was thrilled with the baby shrug,Tulip Cardigan, baby kimonos,hat and more that I knitted for her. In California I bought a great book with a knitted sundress-I made a large size for a demo for the Yarn Garden and now a small size for her soon to be daughter. And, Big News, My son ,Adam and his wife Mel, are finally expecting #2. Carsen is 6 so I had given up hope. Can't wait to find out what it is so I can get knitting. A cashmere purchase (or 4) that I made in California is waiting .
My Dad loved his vest-Carsen got dog hair hunting socks like his Dad's-and a purse or 2 are awaiting Christmas.
My last news, we have adopted 2 Kittens!! The loss of Spike(I still see his shadow every day around the house) called for a new family member. We said,"NO more Dogs"-but we have had cats over the years too. Our new family members are an Orange and White and his brother an Orange Tabby. They are named,repectively, Calvin and Hobbes after my favorite Cartoon boy and his stuffed Tiger whom our Hobbes is a spitting image . I had to sign a paper promising to keep them inside-or I couldn't adopt. So far, they are fitting in perfectly.
I have been making lots of baby socks from a plymouth yarn from Cynthia's. They are so cute-and some baby sweaters from Lindsay(Yarn Garden) out of Her new Organic wool(O-Wool) which are also to die for!! That organic wool and cotton washes up so softly!!!! Perfect for Babies!
So is her Cash Vero!
Soft,Soft,Soft and so beautiful to knit with!! Come to Charlotte and see all her new yarns-
If Kristi can blog with her busy life-I will try to blog more often. Does anyone read me????

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ok-I know I am the worst blogger!! I read lots of blogs everyday and have good intensions about posting but somehow....and I am still hoping for a tutorial on posting pictures.
I have been in Registrar Hell for the last few weeks-I swear nothing in this world can surprise me as I have heard it all. Now that school has started I have moved up to Registrar Pergatory-most of the "Oh, did school start last week?" crew has made it into the hallowed halls of the Charlotte Public Schools. Now, half of them will start leaving and that means more hell.
On the knitting front , after a long period of starteritis I have managed to finish a few items.
The Shawl collar Vest is done and my Dad looks great wearing it. I have finished several baby items for my neices shower on Saturday-a bunting, tulip sweater,a baby bonnet, hat and the cutest baby shrug from the last issue of Knit Simple. I made in white as it was in the picture from Sublime cashmere mix yarn. I still have a "vest" to finish. It is a short sleeved sweater with eyelet trim around the neck where a ribbon winds through from "Cherished Babies" . I used O WOOl-an organic wool from The Yarn Garden. So soft. I liked the idea that the yarn is organic and made without chemicals so I hunted for the right pattern and made it in just a couple of days.
Knitapalooza was lots of fun. Kristi opened her home and lots of knitters showed up with food and yarn. Rae's gave everyone involved 15% off and many people and shops(including Threadbear) gave prizes for the drawing. We ate, we knitted, we enjoyed each others projects and company and left reluctantly 1/2 hour past our alloted time. I spent money on yarn that I should be saving for my trip next week with Sarah P.(I am her Roadie) to California. I did resist some silk yarn at Threadbear but it is still calling my name. Luckily, pergatory continues this week so I don't have time to head to Lansing.
On a health note, I have been swimming every day after work and taking a swimming exercise class. Really eases the stress-but I have found a few muscles that are very angry about my exercising them. I say-Freekum if they can't take a joke!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yesterday was a fun one! Spent the day at Threadbear taking classes from Annie Modesitt and they were full of information and fun knitting. Learning how to make a cool plaid with your yarn was a highlight and so were the breaks when we wandered in a huge store full of yarn.
After I left there I made a stop at Sarah P.'s to finalize flight plans for our trip to California at the end of September. I am so excited. Sarah is going to the TGKA in Oakland to teach for Beth Walker who can't and she asked me to go along. I get to sit in on Sarah's classes that she is teaching and I am taking a class on my own one day. I am taking a class on how to make mittens on one long circular and how to do 2 at the same time. I really wanted the class on how to do 2 socks at the same time but it was already filled. Maybe I can sneak in for a few minutes???
There is also a large vendor sale . I know I don't need any yarn but think it will be fun to see what the west coast has to offer that maybe we don't see around here. Anyways, I think we will have a great time and am really looking forward to it. If this works out well and Sarah and I enjoy our time together maybe I can accompany her again as I am sure this is going to lead to Sarah becoming a National teacher! Someday we can all say, "We knew Sarah when she only taught in the Lansing area"--:-).
I have so many projects on the needles right now, I don't know what to knit first. I seem to really be into baby projects. I have the Surprize Jacket, a lace sweater by EZ,a Black Purl baby sweater done in sock yarn(from the Yarn Garden, and I want to do a baby hat-it is a red beret with a leave and a worm on the top-get it?-an apple beret for baby. Got that pattern at Threadbear yesterday.
I am trying to give up all pop. Did you know that only around the Mid-west is Soda referred to as pop?? In the east it is Soda and in the south it is Coke. At restaurants in S.C. and Georgia they ask if you want a Coke, which means any type of pop. Anyways I read an article that says that even one can of Pop(either diet or regular) can contribute to diabetes and even heart problems. Dan gave up pop a few monthes ago(it was easy for him) but I love diet pop,especially the new Coke Vanilla and Vanilla Cherry. Yum. Because of my kidney stones I am suppossed to restrict any pop with caffine(sucks the calcium from your bones into your kidneys) and tanic acids(any colored pop) so I usually stick to diet Sprite or Sierra Mist. Wine also has tanic acids but we aren't going there-there is a limit to what a girl can stand. I am already sick of plain H2O as the article also said flavored waters are not good for you.
Getting old should be a lot easier than this.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good news-Bad news. Bad-Caitlin flew home this am. She was actually in South Carolina(well, Savannah, Ga.) before we made it home from the airport! 2 hours away by plane, yet it seems like the other side of the world. Good News- We had a great time while she was here and did so many fun things. She did 2 sessions of swimming lessons and at age 7 is already loving the diving board. She took the train to Chicago to American Girl and other sites. She took horseback riding lessons and is hooked(Paybacks are hell Amanda!!). She took a crafting class, we sewed and knit. We went to a lugnuts game and she got to dance on the big screen with her cousin Carsen 3(yes, 3) times. She swam in the pond when we didn't go to the pool, she went to the fair with friends(thank you-I hate fairs). We watched movies at home and the theater(yeah for Hairspray) and read most of Nurse Matilda(the original Nanny MacPhee) and some Junie B. Jones books. She rode the ranger and even drove, she feed the fish and caught some, the list goes on and on. Now I have the rest of the summer to myself-but the house is quiet as a tomb without the Blond Bombshell.
Can't wait for Christmas!!!!!!!!!
I have been doing some knitting in the lulls. The Tulip cardigan is finished and another is taking shape. 2 more baby kimonos are ready -with some help from Sarah,my Dad's vest collar is almost done(thanks, Sarah for interpreting EZ and Meg) and a baby surprize sweater is almost done. I took Lynn's Turkish Sock class and learned a new toe up cast on. And, Ta Da, Sarah who will be teaching in Oakland Ca. in September(check her blog for details) has asked me to go along. I am smiling all over-Stitches West!!!!!!!! And with a true knitter.
I also got the word I am on Raverly. Not sure what I will do with it yet.
Having a little lie down now-we got up at 5am to take Caitlin to the Airport and there is usually only one 5 o'clock on my clock and that ends in PM not AM!!!